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The range is 10”-24” below grade. It depends on the access. The machine at top will grind a stump to about 12” deep and requires a 30” gate for access. * The unit 2nd down will grind 16” below ground and will pass thru a 36” gate. The largest machine (3rd down) will cut 24” deep. It must remain connected to a truck, and therefore is limited to areas that can be driven to.

Yes. You can replant depending on how deep we can grind the stump. We can advise you after seeing the job.

In order to get the equipment to the stump the minimum is a 36” gate to get through.

Yes, you can replant a tree so long as the stump is not in an awkward location that limits a full removal, small trees can be replanted. By special request we can also grind deep and wide enough for a basket tree.

No, we just need access and a way to contact you with questions, authorization and approval to do the job.

Our smaller stump grinder, for backyards, has a maximum depth of 13”. Our large tow-behind unit has a maximum depth of 24”. For more information call us to discuss your particular situation

There are a number of factors that can determine how much mulch a stump can produce: A. How large the stump is above ground? B. How much of the root system needs to be removed from under the surface. C. What type of tree it was.

Depending on the location and size of the stump, the time required to complete the job will range between 45 minutes and up to 5 hours.

Our equipment is extremely maneuverable and lawn-friendly and can be used on manicured lawns, golf courses, and any other delicate locations. Once we have completed the removal, there is no visual indication that our equipment was ever on your property.

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